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We believe deeply in the mission of providing locally-grown flowers to our community. Did you know that most of the flowers sold in retail stores are shipped thousands of miles before they make it to your home? The immense carbon footprint aside, these flowers are often laden with chemicals and are of course, no longer fresh...not even close. By growing local flowers for our community, we are proud to provide super fresh blooms, engage in our local economy, and help our customers tread more lightly on the planet.

Located on the shores of Puget Sound and in the shadow of the Olympic mountains, we are constantly reminded of the important role we play as stewards of our land. We grow our blooms so that they are safe for your home and for the environment. From incorporating organic matter to build our soil to avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, we aim to cultivate a healthy community of organisms both above and below the soil. This important balance ultimately allows our vibrant blooms to thrive.

Finally, we believe in spreading joy through flowers. If you’re here, you must be a fellow-flower lover, and we are grateful for your support!

Our Story: Our Farm


Hi there! My name is Amy, and I’m the grower and designer behind Humming Harvest Farm. I’m an environmental educator turned flower farmer who has spent the majority of my professional career learning from and sharing inspiration from the natural world. From working as a national park ranger in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, to my current position working as an environmental educator in Washington state, I’ve gained a deep respect for the ecosystems that we call home.

My dive into farming is a new one. I met my husband, Casey, in Alaska, where we fell in love with exploring wild spaces… and with each other. We moved to Washington so that I could get a Master’s in Marine Affairs at the University of Washington. Soon after graduation, we moved out of the city to purchase land and dig in the dirt. Much of this land was covered in thick, invasive blackberries and now, after a lot of sweat equity, houses an abundance of flowers and vegetables. We also care for a little flock of chickens, a hive of honeybees, and just the best dog in the world, Chief.

My passion for this work continues to grow with every growing season. There is so much to learn, and I have so many big dreams. I am energized by the local farming movement, and I am forever researching new ways to treat the earth more gently through my sustainable farming practices. This leap into farming has been an enormous opportunity for growth, reflection, and grounding. I am so grateful for the community support we’ve received this far. Thank you for following our journey.

Our Story: Our Farm
Our Story: Pro Gallery
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